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Talking to prominent lawyers about the numbers they use to measure success.


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LawbyNumber guests teach you how to successfully run a law firm. Win for your clients, win for your firm, win for your people, win for your family, win for yourself!

Episode #4: Law by Number with Craig Goldenfarb

Craig Goldenfarb, Esq. runs a 75 employee law firm in South Florida. He opens up his whole playbook of how he succeeded at His final piece of advice: growing your law firm always starts between your own ears. You have to make yourself...

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Episode #3 Law by Number with Tiffani Collins

Tiffani Collins, born and raised in Baltimore, is an outstanding lawyer and litigator. She runs a litigation boutique in Baltimore, and has extensive experience in personal injury, family law, and other litigation. She has honed her craft at some of the best litigation shops...

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Episode #2 Law by Number with Seth Price

Joined this week by Seth Price, founder of Price Benowitz LLP, accident injury lawyers and founder of BluShark Digital LLC. Listen to the whole episode to hear Seth’s expertise and success as an innovator, attorney, and entrepreneur.

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Episode #1: Law by Number with Keith Forman

Introducing the newest segment of the Law by Number Podcast! Really excited to kick off the series with Keith Forman, partner at Wais, Vogelstein, Forman, Koch, & Norman LLC (WVFK&N) medical malpractice and birth injury firm. Keith specializes in birth injury cases, with his...

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